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Kelly Palmer

Hello everyone!
My name is Kelly Palmer 🙋🏾‍♀️ Allow me to formally introduce myself... I’m an avid art lover trying to gain a sense of understanding for any and everything. I love ceramics, painting, printmaking, natural dyes, drawing, sculpting and anything else that involves personal creativity. I also love plants too! One day I plan to own a space completely devoted to nature conservation and restoration. 🌱

I’m very much excited to be in Cohort ‘20 for the experience ahead. I wanted the opportunity to gain some footing within the arts community, to learn its ins and outs. I’m confident this experience will be life changing and will prepare me for a life of service and change.
Can’t wait to see what’s to come! Stay tuned! ✨👁✨ #2020vision #meetthefellows MeetTheFellows #Cohort20 #UAL #GBCA #ArtsLeadership #DiversityInTheArts #EquityInTheArts #Baltimore #BaltimoreArt #StayTunedForMore

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